Opens Touristic Circuit in Huaycán Archaeological Zone in Cieneguilla

The integral project of value enhancement of the site as cultural and economic shaft was developed with the participation of the adjoining village and local government.

The Ministry of Culture opened the Touristic Circuit in the Huaycán Monumental Archaeological Zone of Cieneguilla, located in the valley of Lurín River (Lima), a political and administrative center integrated to Qhapaq Ñan through a transversal path that used to connect the historical sanctuary of Pachacamac with Hatun Xauxa, Inca provincial administrative center of Junin region.

Through this tour, visitors will appreciate the most notorious evidences of Inca architecture, with hollows and trapezoidal-form windows. Also, it will be possible to walk around streets, yards and enclosures of both facilities and climb to the lookout point, from where you will have a panoramic view of the site to appreciate the features that make Huaycán of Cieneguilla the most outstanding monument of the Valley of Lurín River.

Among the main attractions, you can find Conjunto Las Ventanas, which has architectonic elements that points out its political importance, like the yard of the platform with ramp, meeting area for events of administrative and ceremonial importance, and the Inca fountain as an offering deposit area. Likewise, Conjunto Ornamentado preserves different areas decorated with Ychsma baseboards, principal attraction of the monument.

The tour lasts 45 minutes and admission is free.

The Huaycán Integral Project of Cieneguilla started its works of research in 2007, with the objective of turning it into a shaft of culture and development, in both district and regional fields. This labor has been developed by the sociocultural staff of the project, which has implemented programs of activities with the population, and has as main characteristic heritage valuation and local identity strength.

During these years of work, it has been possible to make settlers of Centro Poblado Rural Autogestionado Huaycán de Cieneguilla (CEPRAHC) and Housing Association Las Terrazas, and the local government, involve with the Project and be partners in the management of the archaeological heritage. Their work as part of the field team of this Project has consisted in not only to support archaeologists but also they have been trained in technics of preservation of the archaeological site.

Likewise, they have carried out labors of improvement and set up access to the monument.


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