Inca Platforms, Storeroom, and Court Found in Peru

Peru-Inca-platformsCUZCO, PERU—Guards and conservation workers at the Peñas site in Ollantaytambo archaeological park have discovered a complex of Inca platforms, a food storeroom, and a ceremonial court in a 12-acre area that had been covered by vegetation. “We have cut away and removed the thick vegetation from the area and we will now proceed to make the corresponding study of the site.

Later we will work up an emergency conservation project for this archaeological site whose existence was unknown up to now,” archaeologist and park manager Oscar Montufar told Fox News Latino.

The platforms are thought to have been built to control landslides and to expand available land for agriculture. Construction of the Cuzco-Quillabamba highway in 1933 is thought to have caused some damage to the site.