Ancient Remains Uncovered in Peru

AncientRemainsUncoveredinPeruLIMA, PERU—Skeletal remains bundled up in a funerary blanket and thought to date back more than 6,000 years have been uncovered in the district of Los Olivos in northern Lima, according to a report in Living in Peru. The excavation on a hillside known as Cerro Pacifico, led by archaeologist Luis Angel Flores Blanco, has also revealed evidence of two terraced pyramids, suggesting that it was a center of the ancient Caral civilization. “This discovery is possibly the biggest indication that Los Olivos is a place full of history,” said the district’s mayor, Pedro del Rosario.

Ruth Shady, discoverer of Caral, the oldest civilization in America, inaugurated the project and presented the excavation plan at a public event.

So far, preliminary excavations have revealed the presence of two buildings (terraced pyramids) which would be the most important in the valley and would make the Cerro Pacifico (name of the hill) the epicenter of this ancient civilization.

The mayor of Los Olivos, Pedro del Rosario, inspected the archaeological site and urged residents to take care of the cultural heritage found in the district.

“This discovery is possibly the biggest indication that Los Olivos, is a place full of history, “the mayor indicated.

He said the municipality will start the necessary procedures with the Ministry of Culture to declare the “Cerro Pacifico” a site of Cultural Heritage for the Nation. He also asked for the government’s support to continue the excavations and subsequent investigation of the site.

The samples were sent to private museums in the United States and Japan for carbon-14 testing.